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The NBFWO actively seeks funding for projects from various sources so we can provide:  

  • information regarding topics of interest to our members

  • education opportunities

  • access to silviculture treatment options that they may not have had available before

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Adapting silviculture management to create forests that are more resilient to the changing climate.


There are many uses for forests in addition to timber.  This project is exploring the options.

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A federal program to plant 2 billion trees by 2031.  We are looking for owners that want to plant in the next few years!

For the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the NBFWO secured:

  • $75,000 in funding from the GNB Environmental Trust Fund towards year 1 of a 3-year project on increasing people’s knowledge about NTFPs

  • $500,000 in funding towards planting 660,000 seedlings under the Federal 2 Billion Trees program - our 2nd year of receiving funding for 2BT!


Check our monthly member newsletter for project updates.  Not yet a member?  Join today and be kept up to date on new project opportunities you could be a part of!

Have a suggestion for a project you would like to see?

If you have a suggestion for a project that the NBFWO can implement, leave a comment below!

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