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Your Forest in a Changing Climate

Climate Adaptation Project

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A healthy and resilient forest is a productive forest.

Whether your goals for your woodlot include timber volume, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, recreation, or all of the above - managing your woodlot for the future means making decisions today that take our changing climate into consideration.

About the Project

The New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners (NBFWO) led a 3-year project between 2019-2022 working to build the capacity to adapt to changing environmental conditions on private woodlots. This project was supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program, GNB’s Environmental Trust Fund, as well as through work by our project partners, Community Forests International, University of New Brunswick and the NB Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development.

Project objectives

The project goals were to build the capacity of woodlot owners to make management decisions that are adapted to climate change, through education and implementation of best management practices, resulting in forests that are more climate resilient.

We held workshops and webinars with woodlot owners and forestry professionals to raise awareness about climate change impacts on forests in New Brunswick and created and presented silviculture prescription guidelines and tools that incorporate climate change adaptation. In addition to training videos that have been created and posted online, we also recorded the webinars so that people not able to attend would be able to view the videos online at their convenience.

Although funding for this project has ended, new information about adapting our forests to climate change, and updates regarding the Case Study sites, will continue to be added to our website.

Our Changing Forest series

Our Changing Forest series
Your Forest in a Changing Climate - promo / Votre forêt dans un climat en évolution - promo
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Our Changing Forest, Part 1 / Nôtre Forêt en Transition, Partie 1
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Our Changing Forest, Part 2 / Nôtre Forêt en Transition, Partie 2
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Videos from our climate adaptation conferences
Videos of Webinars
Video of Field day
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