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Everyone has skills they might not even realize could be useful!  


  • Are you fluently bilingual?  Perhaps you could review the French side of the website for errors we can fix.

  • Do you have experience writing project proposals?  Having another set of eyes to review ours would be great!

  • Are you a writer?  We are looking for people to help write Blogs (send your topic ideas to

  • If you have a woodlot-related topic that you would be interested in sharing with others, get in touch!  We are looking for presenters for field days and webinars.

  • Would you allow groups of people to tour your woodlot for certain events?  Let us know what part of the province you are in!  

Or perhaps you have a suggestion for an event you would like to participate in?  Let us know that too!​

And remember, our Board of Directors are all volunteers!

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