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The Climate Adaptive Silviculture Prescription Decision Tool

The Climate Change Adaptive Silviculture Prescription Tool is a decision-tree based guide that allows users to make forestry management decisions based on silviculture best practices that also include adapting to climate change. 


The tool was developed by Gareth Davies (FT, CLP, Forest Ecologist, Silviculturalist) with input from Megan de Graaf (MScF, Community Forests International) on behalf of a project led by the NBFWO supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program and GNB's Environmental Trust Fund.



Climate Change Resilience and Carbon Storage Silvicultural Prescriptions for the Acadian Forest Region

Definition of terms v. 1.0

Supporting information v. 1.0

Prescriptions sylvicoles favorisant la résilience aux changements climatiques et le stockage du carbone pour la région de la Forêt acadienne

Glossaire v. 1.0

Renseignements à l'appui v. 1.0

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