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2 Billion Trees


“The 2 Billion Trees (2BT) program aims to motivate and support new tree planting projects. Over a period of 10 years, by 2031, up to $3.2 billion will be invested in tree planting efforts to support provinces, territories, third-party organizations (for and not-for profit) and Indigenous organizations to plant two billion trees across Canada.” (gc website)


In 2021, the NBFWO applied and was chosen to receive $250,000 in funding from the Federal government’s 2BT program (part of the Natural Climate Solutions Fund). In 2022, we were chosen to receive $500,000 in funding!  That will be nearly 1 million additional trees in the ground here on New Brunswick’s private woodlands.  The funding we receive is distributed by working collaboratively with staff from the provincial forest product marketing boards.

One of the key components of this funding stream is the idea of increasing forest cover to increase the sequestration of greenhouse gases, so the planting of marginal agricultural land, stream banks and unforested areas is looked on favourably.  There is also a keen interest in increasing biodiversity and providing habitat for species-at-risk.  There is an on-going call for proposals for the 2BT project and we are looking for sites that woodlot owners want to plant within the next few years.  


If you are interested in more information about this project, please contact Susannah at or calling 506-459-2990.

Project Updates
Project Year
Funding Amount 
Number of Trees
Area to Plant
Number of Sites

2021 - 2022



126.3 ha


2022 - 2023



438 ha


Work is already underway on the next application for the next round of funding!

National 2BT update:  more than 30 Million trees planted during the 2021-2022 season!
Goals of 2 Billion Trees Program

  • Planting trees through afforestation and reforestation to:

    • Increase carbon sequestration (the removal of carbon from the atmosphere)

    • Provide other co-benefits to communities and ecosystems such as:

      • Contribute to restoration of habitat for wildlife and biodiversity

      • Health and community benefits from cleaner air and water, storm surge management, increased well-being

      • Increase resilience to a changing climate (resilience to wildland fire, to flooding)



Afforestation vs reforestation

Afforestation: planting on land that has not had forest cover within at least 50 years

Reforestation: planting to reestablish forest cover on recently forested lands

The 2BT Project Process

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