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Scholarships & Bursaries

Attention Forestry students!  Click on the name of the award for additional information and to apply.

  • Christopher Lee Memorial Scholarship​

    • available through Canadian Forest Owners

    • The $2,000 scholarship will be awarded each year to a post-secondary student enrolled in a forestry-related discipline at a Canadian university, college or technical school. All applications will be considered, but preference will be given to students who excel in their field with a special interest in forest policy, advocacy and research as it relates to private forest lands in Canada.


  • Peter deMarsh Memorial Bursary

    • available through Canadian Forest Owners

    • The award supports two types of projects:

      • Option 1: Research Bursary
        ​A $10,000 bursary will be awarded each year to a Canadian or international graduate student in the final stage of his/her doctoral or master’s-level research at a Canadian university. The research project must focus on the role of woodlot owners or woodlot owners’ associations in helping to solve social, economic or environmental problems. Very often, students will have finished the years of schooling and coursework required for their master’s degree or doctorate but will not have completed their thesis or dissertation. This bursary gives them a few extra months to finish writing their thesis or dissertation before returning to the job market.


      • Option 2: Travel Bursary for Attendance at an International Conference
        Peter deMarsh was particularly concerned about woodlot owners’ lack of representation at major international conferences on forest land management due to insufficient financial resources. Consequently, a bursary of up to $3,000 will be awarded to help representatives of woodlot owners’ associations in Canada or abroad to participate in international conferences dealing with issues involving forest owners.


    • The deadline for applications to be received is June 30 of each year. 

  • The Mary Majka Scholarship Fund

    • available through Nature NB

    • Scholarships will be awarded in three distinct categories:

      • High School graduates, upon entering a post-secondary education program focusing on nature conservation;

      • Post-secondary students who is already enrolled in aa post-secondary education program focused on nature conservation; or

      • Students in middle or high school, for a project foucsed on nature conservation.

    • Applications must be received by Nature NB by 5:00 PM March 31st.​

  • Ernie Strickland Scholarship

    • available through Forest NB

    • Forest NB has awarded the Ernie Strickland Memorial Scholarship annually since 1998 to forest sector family member. This memorial scholarship honours Ernie Strickland, who was an instructor at the Maritime Forest Ranger School and a dedicated volunteer to the forestry sector.

    • This scholarship is open to a Family Member or Employee working for Forest NB Licensee/Sub Licensee.

    • Applications are due by September 30, 2023.

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