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Woodlot Income Tax and Estate Planning

The NBFWO hosted a webinar October 11th, 2023, regarding 'Woodlot Income Tax and Estate Planning'.  

 Topics for this webinar include:

  • Woodlot tax liability on death

  • Successful estate planning

  • Estate planning tools

  • Transfer  of your woodlot during your lifetime

  • Other considerations when planning your future

Everyone who registered for the webinar can now access the video recording below. 

  • You will need to sign in using the email address you gave when registering. 

  • If you are not already a member of the NBFWO, you will also need to set a password as well to access the video.

For those that did not register for the webinar, you will need to pay the fee to view the video, click here to pay to view

Woodlot Income Tax And Estate Planning

Woodlot Income Tax And Estate Planning

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We are looking for a volunteer to help us translate the slide deck into French.  Contact if you are interested in helping.

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