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SPI Engagement

UPDATE JULY 25th: the commenting form has been removed below. Thank you to everyone that provided feedback.


July 18, 2022

The NBFWO has received the following invitation from the provincial government:

“As part of the Local Governance Reform Initiative, we want to hear your thoughts on the proposed Statements of Public Interest which the provincial government plans to introduce as a Regulation under the Community Planning Act. … You are invited to a stakeholder engagement session on Thursday July 28, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. “ 

After reading the two documents below we have some questions regarding the “Natural Resources” section, which Forestry falls under, and would appreciate member feedback before attending the stakeholder engagement session.

This is the section: (page 4 of the SPI/DIP)

Natural Resources

Statement of Public Interest
Protect natural resources for present and future generations.

• Non-resource-based development can preclude or limit the expansion of natural resource operations by developing on or encroaching upon resource areas.
• Natural resource operations support the New Brunswick economy, provide employment in rural communities, and produce materials used by New Brunswickers to maintain a high quality of life.
• Mutual land use conflict between natural resource operations and non-resource related uses can be prevented through proactive planning.

1. Identifying areas for current and future natural resource use and prioritizing them for natural resource uses and other compatible land uses.
2. Establishing appropriate setbacks, where possible, between natural resource uses and incompatible land uses.



Our initial thoughts include:

  • Compared to the other sections (e.g. agriculture), the Natural Resources section does not seem very defined.

  • There is no definition of protect – what does that mean?  

  • What is the ranking of natural resource priorities/uses?

  • Does this apply to privately owned land or only to public land?

  • Should protect mean staying as forest land?

  • How do you manage a resource and support an industry if it is being protected?

If you would like to provide comments or feedback, please submit it in the form below BEFORE NOON MONDAY JULY 25, 2022. Depending on the feedback and comments received, we may have a Zoom meeting open to all members on Tuesday afternoon, July 26 for further discussion before the stakeholder engagement session.

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